Bon Voyage...start packing!

Wow ok, so I never thought so many of you would want to hear my tips on what to pack for your next Summer vacay. As mentioned on Insta, I packed the best (half) suitcase (I shared with Max) three years ago when we went to Europe for 3 weeks. I managed to put together so many different looks with the few pieces I had packed so thought I would share my wisdom.

A bit of a disclaimer: you all know by now that my colour palette is very simple and does not involve colour, so please feel free to substitute some of the items with colour i.e. add a printed top or a cami/tee in colour. (THAT IS NOT A LICENCE TO GO ROGUE ON ME) :)


White tee x 3 - personal faves include: Monrow Tissue V Neck Tee and James Perse Casual Tee

Stripe tee x 1 - I love this Splendid option

Cotton Singlets (white, stripe and black) Bassike or James Perse are my fave. 


Silk camisoles (black and white)- dressier for evening with your skirts or jeans with wedges or sandals (statement earrings if you want to be fancy). My personal faves are: Scanlan and Theodore or these Equipment Silk Camisoles

Printed Silk Cami/Cami's (can be worn at night/day with one of your skirts with either the wedge or flat sandals). I have found a few nice options for you. You may want to take a few as they're so light and you can mix and match with the bottoms I've listed below.

Denim Jacket/Chambray Shirt - for those chilly nights or days if traveling to cooler countries. I draped my chambray over my shoulders most nights.

Leather Jacket If traveling to Europe in September (England or France) wear it on the plane to save space


Denim Skirts or Shorts - whatever you’re comfortably in. Take light denim, white and black to coordinate with your top options.

Jeans (one pair light denim or black if going to cities rather than beachy towns)


Linen wrap dress or something similar (good for day and night) Flat sandals in the day and wedges at night. If cold you can throw on a denim jacket or leather jacket.

Printed Dress x 2 - which works with all shoe options (perhaps a polka dot wrap dress, striped or something in Leopard print). I've found a few options below. These can all be styled with all of your shoe options I have listed below! My personal fave is the white linen wrap dress below. This dress could take you from day to night - Superga Sneakers or Golden Gooses worn with a wedge, earrings and denim jacket for the evening. Hello Holiday Chic!


Cover ups or shirt dress which can be worn from café to beach or if you’re cool to a beach club.

If you’ve got the rig for it: a cute little black or white playsuit is cute too! Again this is a great Beach to Bar option. Wear it with your black sandals or gold/nude flat options.

Bathers of choice


Shoes are always the hardest thing to decide on as they take up the most room and weigh the most. But I believe the below options will cover most looks. (Keep in mind I packed all of this in half a suitcase as I shared with Max!)

1 x neutral (nude or tan) flat sandal - I also love gold as it goes with everything! 

1 x Flat Black Sandal

1 x walking shoes which look cool with bottoms and even dresses. E.g. Superga and Golden Goose (linked below)

1 x Wedge (black or nude) - if you’re a heels person like me

1 x thongs/flip flops for beach/pool

1 x Sneakers if planning to workout properly overseas

Extra items/info:

Workout gear if you’re going to be working out.   

Buy some washing powder so you can hand wash your tees. We managed to travel three weeks and just hand wash tees etc.

Accessories- statement earrings - great way to lift a classic outfit.

If you’re traveling with a black bag, pack a small nude clutch/nude cross body (The Daily Edited do a great nude and it’s the perfect size)

Day Outfit Options

◼️ White denim skirt, stripe cotton singlet (tucked in), gold/nude flat sandals or cool sneakers if walking a lot (if chilly throw on your chambray over your shoulders or denim jacket)

◼️Light denim skirt/short, white tee, black sandals and black cross body bag (accessorise with cool sunnies or even a headscarf in your pony to be EXTRA)

◼️ Black denim skirt, animal silk cami/white or black silk cami, superga walking shoes add cool sunglasses

◼️ Black linen wrap dress/ white wrap dress, superga sneakers or tan/gold sandals/slides. Add nude or black bag with sunglasses

Evening Outfit Ideas

◼️Black Denim skirt, white silk cami or white cotton singlet, black sandals and black bag (wedges if you’re a heels gal like me) Wear a bold lippy if you’re feeling too plain Jane

◼️White Denim skirt, black silk cami or printed cami, wedges and black bag




How to do Bali - with or without kids!

OK, so I promised this a long time ago but you know....things have been a bit cray lately. A couple of months ago we (our family) had a 7 day holiday in Bali. Now let me tell you.....Bali is the ULTIMATE holiday - it ticks all the boxes i.e. amazing food, lovely people, incredible nannies, luxurious accommodation AND it's right at our doorstep. There are a few things to be aware of before you book that ticket, and I'll get to that. 

I did SO much research for this trip. I didn't want to make any quick decisions on the accommodation and wanted to make sure that it was kid friendly. No point rocking up to an incredible hotel with my two noisy crazies, only to feel unwelcome! 

In the end I booked Peppers Resort in Seminyak for 4 nights and opted for a 2 bedroom villa with private pool (we arranged for the pool to have a fence around it - V IMPORTANT!). What I loved about this option is that we could really spread out - they had a huge kitchen and living room as well as each room having a bathroom (not that we needed that). It was the perfect way to start the holiday and work up a good base tan before facing the public. The communal pool area was stunning and had a full restaurant on offer. The day we arrived they started a kids club (woohoo) which was a small area near the pool (fully gated) filled with toys and lovely staff from the hotel. So picture this: you are sitting pool side with a cocktail and 20 metres away your little ones are being looked after (no charge!). Heaven.


Overall I would highly recommend Peppers Seminyak - no negatives at all really. One tiny thing is that there are ponds near the entrance and Jack ran over to it and fell in. So maybe you could put up a fence there too. 

Because I am SO indecisive I wanted to stay at The Alila in Seminyak too. Lucky for us and all our luggage it was only down the road and the lovely staff from Peppers took us via buggy. We loved being able to experience a plush hotel with an amazing view. Of course the only tricky thing is that you are all in the one room. There was enough space and my BIG TIP: book the ground floor garden view room - it opens out onto a grass area so the kids can run around and the pool is about 20metres away (image below). That was a serious game changer as we could have Nancy (our INCREDIBLE nanny who didn't want to move away with us) look after Jack in the room or take Max for a walk and Jack could sleep whilst we were at the pool. Another HOT TIP: kids eat free (if under 4)!! So every day we would order up big at the pool around 5pm and the boys would be done. Our Angel/Nanny Nancy would then help us with bath etc and then Ryan and I would head out for dinner.


I mean what else do you want in a holiday? 

Here are some of my top Restaurant/Bar tips:

La Plancha - this one is good for the kids as they can play on the beach. We took Nancy along with us so we could kind of relax given our boys literally run in different directions and I thought it would be nice to finish a conversation with Ryan haha.Amazing cocktails and sunset!

Sisterfields will change your life. The coffee is amazing but do yourself a favour and order the Polenta chips. They also do the most amazing salads. So chips and salad = #balance Open all day. YUM.

Motel Mexicola - you could take the kids but seriously treat yourself and go for a fun night out. The Margaritas and fish tacos are delish.

Da Maria - these guys know what they're doing. The BEST Italian in Bali. After 9pm the DJ comes on and it turns into a fun party scene. Highly recommend the pizza!!

Ku de Ta - it's an institution but it's still great in my opinion. The kids can run around and you can watch the sunset....again, we took Nancy with us so we could take in the sunset for at least 1 split second.

Sarong - another institution. OMG the pork belly was next level. I would fly back just for that. Not one for the kids. It's very quiet and romantic.

Bar Bacoa - meat fest!! It was delicious and a great vibe. You probably could take your little people here as it's quite loud and chilled.

I think if you're looking for an all day party: Mrs Sippy looked like a great time. Probably one you would do in a big group.  For coffee: try Revolver - the menu looked amazing too.

Kiddie tips: take water nappies! Obviously don't drink the water and try and stop the kids from drinking the pool water! Pack mosquito spray as dengue is prevalent. There are heaps of pharmacies over there so don't stress too much. Don't forget to get travel insurance in case you do need to see a GP. The Pool Fence is a must. Take some kiddie snacks as there wasn't much over there - even though the kids lived on Fries (which was dangerous for me haha!)

Hope you've found this a little helpful and feel free to email me if you have any specific questions. 

TMM xx

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Ku De Ta at Sunset