Partaaay Looks For The Silly Season

So it's that crazy time of the year where the social calendar is flourishing, which is great, but what the hell do you wear to all of these events without spending a fortune?! Will you be seeing the same people at these events i.e. heaven forbid you wear the same thing twice! Anyway, just something to think about if you care about that kind of thing!

I've put together a list of looks that you can mix and match to get maximum CPW (cost per wear) out of your purchases. And hopefully these pieces will last in your wardrobe - not like those dresses that you wear once, cost a fortune, and just hang in your wardrobe for decades.

My tip: invest in an amazing structured top which you can wear with different skirts which you will get wear out of again. My recommendation is the Scanlan and Theodore Crepe Knit Peplum top. It suits most body shapes and can we worn for a dressy occasion but also re-worn with jeans for dinner! Win Win!