Double Prams in my (humble) opinion!

If you’re anything like me, one of the first things I thought about when I found out I was pregnant (besides being shocked) with number 2 was ‘oh my god, I am going to be pushing a double pram’. I know it sounds silly but it kind of freaked me out. Before purchasing my double pram I visited different stores and tested several double prams.

For me the clear winner is the Bugaboo Donkey – here’s why!

·  Easy to convert to a single - personally my son will be in child care twice a week so it means I can convert it within seconds to a single and use the shopping basket to get the groceries #mumlyfe

·  Easy to push with one hand in case you have your hands full with the other child (very important!)

·  Aesthetically it is the most appealing Pram on the eye and you have the option of playing around with different colour hoods and aprons - win win!

·  Great re-sale value

·  Great storage underneath (unlike other double prams which lose this function when it is converted to a double)

·  The Skateboard attachment is super sturdy for when baby number 1 decides he/she is too big for the pram 

·  Easy to collapse and put in the car!

·  Amazing accessories - my personal fave is the coffee cup holder which is basically full at all times when dealing with sleep deprivation :)

·  Fits through a standard door 

·  Can face both seats towards you so can look at your babies when walking out and about

Other prams I tested were the: Joolz Geo, Mountain Buggy Duet, Stokke Cruiser and the City Select. Here’s my two cents worth on them!

Joolz Geo


·         It’s a good looking pram

Unfortunately it stops there. I really wanted to love this pram but even the sales assistant said she wouldn’t sell it to me. I think if you wanted it as a single pram and you used the underneath part for storage, then this could be a good option.


·         No storage at all when there are two seats being used. There is a shopping basket attachment but it’s just not enough if you like to get out and about like me and do a decent shop without getting in the car

·         The bassinet for the baby is tiny and tucked underneath in an awkward position

·         The price – this one is over the 2k mark, which for a pram with no storage is crazy

Mountain Buggy Duet


·         The width of the pram is narrow and therefore a safe bet for getting through doorways – this does however mean that the seats themselves are narrow which I personally didn’t like, in particularly when looking at the bassinet.  

·         The seats recline all the way back/flat

·         Durable and easy wipe down fabric


·         I had been warned about the Tyres and the need to constantly have them replaced or pumped up

·         Very heavy

·         Can’t face both seats towards you when walking

·         The bassinet is tiny and in my opinion would probably only last a few months

Stokke Crusi


·         Great height for those of you who are ‘5 10’ and above

·         The height is ideal for cafes/sitting at tables as the baby will be seated at the same height as you at the table

·         Good storage as a single (not as a double)


·         Takes up a lot of boot space

·         The price

·         The second seat is not ideal for a newborn so you would need to have the toddler underneath (I know Maxxy would not like this!)

·         Once you have the second seat in, you lose most of the storage

City Mini GT Double


·         Folds easily

·         The seats lay flat – great if your baby likes to sleep in the pram

·         Large hoods i.e. great shade


·         The look of it….sorry but I am not a fan of how this pram looks. Yes, I get that the fabric is machine washable but to me it’s not aesthetically pleasing on the eye…

·         There are some issues with the wheels and constantly needing to replace them (this was based on a discussion I had with a retailer)

·         The storage is difficult to access

·         The price does not include accessories