Baby Bags without Being a Dag

I thought I would put together a little list of baby bags which I think are cool yet functional. I'm not sure if you've seen some of the hideous options out there but personally I don't think you need to buy an actual 'baby bag' to chuck your nappies, wipes, wraps and clothes in. You can totally just buy a great tote/shopper style bag and put compartments inside if need be.

My top pick is the State of Escape bag ($299) for it's durability and the fact that you can throw it in the wash when it needs the poo and spew cleaned off it :)  It also comes in a carry case which is perfect to put your nappies, wipes and creams in.


If you're flash for cash the good old LV Neverfull (around $1600 but think about it as an investment piece!)is also great for it's size and look. It will be a timeless piece that you can keep and use post baby life.

As for an official baby bag: the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag is a winner (around $400). I had this for Max and loved all the pockets as well as the durable fabric it's made from. It also hangs perfectly on the pram with the help of the Think King Buggy Hooks (please tell me you know about these?!).

Gap Australia - Max working it

I have a confession to make....I used to think that boy's clothes were boring and would sigh at the sight of a tutu and cute little dress. But now I am totally digging the boy's threads and think they can be just as cool. Max was lucky enough to visit Gap at Chadstone and pick out a few of their awesome pieces....I think he did really well, don't you? #childgenius