How to prepare for travelling with kids!

I've talked about this topic time and time again so I feel it's about time I shared my tips on what to pack and prepare for before flying with kids.

We recently arrived in San Diego which is a 14.5 hour flight to LA followed by a 2 hour drive. To say I was anxious about the trip is an understatement. I wanted to make sure I was fully prepared for the tantrums and boredom we would endure. Not to mention the boys were both sick (which I’m sure you’re probably also experiencing through the seemingly endless cycle of winter colds and flu)

So here's what I packed ( WARNING - so much imperfect parenting going on here):


1.   iPad - I loaded it with episodes of Blaze and the Monster Machines for Max and the Little Baby Bum app full of nursery rhymes for Jack. Worth every cent.

2.   Children’s Panadol: both boys were sick with colds and fevers right before the flight (we weren’t sure if we should go or not!) There was no way I was going to be caught without Children's Panadol, the one thing I know I could get right - lucky I packed it as Max vomited all over me (see next point)

3.   Extra clothes for me and the boys - lucky given the vomit incident. I also packed their PJ's but we didn't need them in the end. This is also ideal for any cancelations of flights or lost baggage.

4.  Wrapped up presents - I went to a cheapy shop and went to town on buying toys that I could give them when all hell broke loose. They loved this. 

5.   Crayons/pencils - this may only get me 2 minutes but I'll take that. We also bought heaps of sticker books which they loved for around 30 seconds.

6.   Snacks Snacks and more Snacks - you name it, I packed it! Lollies, chocolates, tiny teddies and Kinder Surprises (double goodness as they have to toy too)…..parent of the year over here.

7.   Kids Headphones - omg these were a game changer. Max loved the ones I purchased from Smiggle - there's no way he would have watched the iPad for that long with normal earphones

8.   Before I left I filmed stuff on my iPhone of the boys - they love watching themselves on my phone- this buys me about 10 minutes (again, I'll take that!)

So there you have my list of tips- I hope they come in handy for your next trip. Essentially an overnight flight is what everyone should try and do but for us it wasn't available. Full on and let’s just say there were a few looks here and there by judgy judgy parents as my #imperfectparenting was on fleek.

Jordie x