Big W Big Baby Sale

Run don’t walk because Big W is having a Baby Week Sale from Feb 2nd -15th. I have personally been a fan of ‘Big Dub’s’ baby and toddler’s range for ages. I find the quality and prices to be a standout. I remember buying Jack the cutest little Dymples onesies with pandas all over them and people would stop me in the street to say how cute they were. Max is still getting about in some cool navy cino shorts we paid $4 for (come on, that’s a cost of a coffee!).

The Baby Week sale will also coincide with the launch of their new Emerson Baby Wear range which is exclusive to Big W and includes heaps of new looks with cute little graphics inspired by current trends from the runway! The new Kardashian Kids collection will also be released….hello exciting (personal Kardashian obsession over here). I for one am excited to have more options for the boys as I really struggle finding new boy clothes that I love – that’s a whole other conversation.

I was lucky enough to be sent some of the bedding range and some Dymples baby accessories. I am loving the quality and how cute and fun the products are. Jack suitably has his cot decked out in lightning bolts (the kid is as fast as a lightning bolt #mumjoke) Usually I am all about neutrals (boring for kids!) but these graphics are cool and Max was so excited to jump into bed – yep, I’ll take that buddy.

On a side note: I am one of those women who shop up big at these things and like to fill up the present box (total mum thing to do) - there is nothing more smug than having the perfect present ready to go when someone’s birthday rolls around (even better when you have all the wrapping to go with it #lifetogethermoment)- I think these gorgeous Dymples Blankets are perfect for the present box. They’re not only soft but they’re available in cool prints (clearly I love the blue and white striped #stripeaddiction). I find them great for the pram for those chilly mornings or for in the cot.

There you have it- happy shopping guys! You won’t be disappointed. #BIGW #livebigforless #bigwbaby