Marks & Spencer have arrived!

The husbo and I did a 4 year stint in London town and basically lived at M&S, so when I heard that they were coming to Oz, I was pretty pumped!

As you guys know, I love finding new kid's brands and (obvs) in particularly boys' clothing. With Max's second birthday looming, I really wanted to find him a classic outfit - I hope you like what I chose!

Max wears: Pure Cotton Canvas Trousers, Pure Cotton Oxford Shirt and Kid's Suede Ankle Boots.

Can we have a moment for the boots which are real leather and down to $13!


It would be rude of me not to choose something for myself with the brief being: flattering and classic. I found this long lined Oversized Checked Shirt paired with these ultra flattering skinny black jeans which I have not taken off! And how cute does Max look in this Car Print Sweatshirt and those amazing suede boots which you need to buy asap!

I was also really impressed with their maternity range (no don't get any ideas!!) but tell your preggo gal pals! The baby range is amazing too and so affordable - Jack totally cleaned up with these Short Sleeve Bodysuits (7 for $20!! ridic!).

Love love love you M&S - welcome to Oz! xxxx

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