The Sound of Music - a must see!

Last Thursday night I dusted off some ‘dressy’ attire and attended the opening night of my all-time favourite Musical The Sound of Music at The Regent Theatre in Melbourne.  To refresh my memory (any excuse) I re-watched the movie for the 999th time so I could sing along (in my head).

I had heard amazing things about the lavish production that had toured London so was super excited when I was asked to attend….and it didn’t disappoint.

For anyone who has lived under a rock, the story (a true one!), follows the Von Trapp Family in Austria during the 1930’s and a young wannabe Nun Maria, played by Amy Lehpamer, who is appointed as their governess. The Captain/Father, who is a widow (played by heartthrob and multi-talented Cameron Daddo) runs a tight ship (no pun intended).  When Maria arrives she is set to shake things up and have some fun with his 7 children through her love for music and vivaciousness. The children are at first a little cold and unwelcoming but eventually grow to love Maria as she teaches them how to sing and have fun again.  Eventually a love between Maria and The Captain blossoms and they are married. When Germany is set to take over Austria and The Captain is forced to fight against his own country, which he has no desire to do, the family flee to the mountains to escape the war singing Climb Every Mountain along the way (pictured below). The End.

I thought the set was perfectly executed and seamlessly changed from scene to scene. My personal favourite was the bedroom set (pictured below) where the children all run into Maria’s room when they are scared by the storm and to divert their fear she teaches them the ‘Favourite Things’ song. Loved it! If you have little ones, they are sure to enjoy this one. My sister had to nudge me to stop singing (awks!). Plus I always loved as a kid how she made them all outfits from the curtains….I so wanted a pinafore dress like Liesel.

The memorable Rodgers and Hammerstein score was performed perfectly! They included all the faves i.e. Do-Re-Mi, Climb Every Mountain, Sixteen Going on Seventeen - to name a few. I think my personal favourite was Sixteen Going on Seventeen (pictured below) as it was my favourite scene in the movie when I was younger. I always wanted to be Liesl and loved the little kiss that Rolf gives her at the end of the song.  Liesl’s voice (performed by Stefanie Jones)  was seriously beautiful, in fact I thought vocally she was a standout in the show alongside Maria (Amy Lehpamer) and head nun Mother Abbess played by Jacqui Dark.

As for the cast, they all performed flawlessly! I personally loved seeing Cameron Daddo in action (huge fan) and it always fascinates me when children professionally act so well….it gets me wondering how they have the attention span, confidence and stamina to go on week after week to perform so well.  As expected Marina Prior plays her role as Baroness Schraeder superbly.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the performance (it was so good to have a night off from the kids!) and highly recommend you see it, even if you haven’t seen the original, it’s a great night out at Melbourne’s stunning Regent Theatre or an ideal family outing on a Sunday when the show starts at Midday. They have a variety of times that the show plays –for further information on times and to purchase your tickets click here.

Brought to you by Nuffnang and ‘The Sound of Music