Gap Australia - Max working it

I have a confession to make....I used to think that boy's clothes were boring and would sigh at the sight of a tutu and cute little dress. But now I am totally digging the boy's threads and think they can be just as cool. Max was lucky enough to visit Gap at Chadstone and pick out a few of their awesome pieces....I think he did really well, don't you? #childgenius

Partaaay Looks For The Silly Season

So it's that crazy time of the year where the social calendar is flourishing, which is great, but what the hell do you wear to all of these events without spending a fortune?! Will you be seeing the same people at these events i.e. heaven forbid you wear the same thing twice! Anyway, just something to think about if you care about that kind of thing!

I've put together a list of looks that you can mix and match to get maximum CPW (cost per wear) out of your purchases. And hopefully these pieces will last in your wardrobe - not like those dresses that you wear once, cost a fortune, and just hang in your wardrobe for decades.

My tip: invest in an amazing structured top which you can wear with different skirts which you will get wear out of again. My recommendation is the Scanlan and Theodore Crepe Knit Peplum top. It suits most body shapes and can we worn for a dressy occasion but also re-worn with jeans for dinner! Win Win!





Hats are big this summer people and we love that because they look cool, protect us from the sun and disguise our bad hair days! 

This season we have so many styles to celebrate i.e. the Fedora, the Boater, the Visor ...just to name a few. I've put together a list of my faves for the season - enjoy!

Lack of Color - The Valley Boater

Lack of Color - The Valley Boater

Seed - Wide Brim Straw Panama

Seed - Wide Brim Straw Panama

Nerida Winter 'Rosie' 

Nerida Winter 'Rosie' 

Cool Maternity Threads

I am one of those preggo chicks that doesn't really want to succumb to 'maternity' clothes. I would prefer to buy pieces which I will wear during the pregnancy and after...more CPW (cost per wear!). 

I was lucky enough to have the lovely babes at Label by Legoe send me some of their gorgeous pieces. The fabric is so flattering and soft to touch. Below I am wearing their Oracle dress in Navy. Girls get onto this - you won't regret it. Cool with sandals, wedges or sneakers. Love, TMM xxx

Minimalist Sneakers

So it seems I have a sneaker addiction....I've chosen the right time to have one though. Has anyone else noticed how spoilt for choice we are at the moment? It seems all the 'Active Wear' brands are coming out with a new cool style every week and my credit card just can't keep up! So here are my top picks of cool, minimal sneakers/kicks! 

My top pick for every day kicks which you can also wear with a skirt/dress are the Adidas Stan Smith's. I bought a pair in Rome and have worn them literally every day. They are the most comfortable shoes I own. True to size by the way. 

Adidas Stan Smith's

Adidas Stan Smith's

Superga Animal Net 

Finally....the blog has begun

So here it first blog post which has only been a year and a half in the making. 

A little bit about me: I am a 31 (almoooost 32) year old working mum of 14 month old Max and am currently 5 months pregnant (surprise...woops!). I'm hoping to come across as someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously and is a cool(ish) Mum who can give out fashion advice and inspire others with my Minimalist style. 

For years I have been the girl that helped her gal pals find the perfect dress for an occasion or lent my clothes to them as well as receiving calls from friends saying 'um, so I hope you don't mind but I am going to buy the same shoes as you' I figured I may as well share that passion for style on here and hopefully someone out there will benefit from it!

My angle is classic, minimal and timeless in the baby, lifestyle and fashion world. 

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