Bon Voyage...start packing!

Wow ok, so I never thought so many of you would want to hear my tips on what to pack for your next Summer vacay. As mentioned on Insta, I packed the best (half) suitcase (I shared with Max) three years ago when we went to Europe for 3 weeks. I managed to put together so many different looks with the few pieces I had packed so thought I would share my wisdom.

A bit of a disclaimer: you all know by now that my colour palette is very simple and does not involve colour, so please feel free to substitute some of the items with colour i.e. add a printed top or a cami/tee in colour. (THAT IS NOT A LICENCE TO GO ROGUE ON ME) :)


White tee x 3 - personal faves include: Monrow Tissue V Neck Tee and James Perse Casual Tee

Stripe tee x 1 - I love this Splendid option

Cotton Singlets (white, stripe and black) Bassike or James Perse are my fave. 


Silk camisoles (black and white)- dressier for evening with your skirts or jeans with wedges or sandals (statement earrings if you want to be fancy). My personal faves are: Scanlan and Theodore or these Equipment Silk Camisoles

Printed Silk Cami/Cami's (can be worn at night/day with one of your skirts with either the wedge or flat sandals). I have found a few nice options for you. You may want to take a few as they're so light and you can mix and match with the bottoms I've listed below.

Denim Jacket/Chambray Shirt - for those chilly nights or days if traveling to cooler countries. I draped my chambray over my shoulders most nights.

Leather Jacket If traveling to Europe in September (England or France) wear it on the plane to save space


Denim Skirts or Shorts - whatever you’re comfortably in. Take light denim, white and black to coordinate with your top options.

Jeans (one pair light denim or black if going to cities rather than beachy towns)


Linen wrap dress or something similar (good for day and night) Flat sandals in the day and wedges at night. If cold you can throw on a denim jacket or leather jacket.

Printed Dress x 2 - which works with all shoe options (perhaps a polka dot wrap dress, striped or something in Leopard print). I've found a few options below. These can all be styled with all of your shoe options I have listed below! My personal fave is the white linen wrap dress below. This dress could take you from day to night - Superga Sneakers or Golden Gooses worn with a wedge, earrings and denim jacket for the evening. Hello Holiday Chic!


Cover ups or shirt dress which can be worn from café to beach or if you’re cool to a beach club.

If you’ve got the rig for it: a cute little black or white playsuit is cute too! Again this is a great Beach to Bar option. Wear it with your black sandals or gold/nude flat options.

Bathers of choice


Shoes are always the hardest thing to decide on as they take up the most room and weigh the most. But I believe the below options will cover most looks. (Keep in mind I packed all of this in half a suitcase as I shared with Max!)

1 x neutral (nude or tan) flat sandal - I also love gold as it goes with everything! 

1 x Flat Black Sandal

1 x walking shoes which look cool with bottoms and even dresses. E.g. Superga and Golden Goose (linked below)

1 x Wedge (black or nude) - if you’re a heels person like me

1 x thongs/flip flops for beach/pool

1 x Sneakers if planning to workout properly overseas

Extra items/info:

Workout gear if you’re going to be working out.   

Buy some washing powder so you can hand wash your tees. We managed to travel three weeks and just hand wash tees etc.

Accessories- statement earrings - great way to lift a classic outfit.

If you’re traveling with a black bag, pack a small nude clutch/nude cross body (The Daily Edited do a great nude and it’s the perfect size)

Day Outfit Options

◼️ White denim skirt, stripe cotton singlet (tucked in), gold/nude flat sandals or cool sneakers if walking a lot (if chilly throw on your chambray over your shoulders or denim jacket)

◼️Light denim skirt/short, white tee, black sandals and black cross body bag (accessorise with cool sunnies or even a headscarf in your pony to be EXTRA)

◼️ Black denim skirt, animal silk cami/white or black silk cami, superga walking shoes add cool sunglasses

◼️ Black linen wrap dress/ white wrap dress, superga sneakers or tan/gold sandals/slides. Add nude or black bag with sunglasses

Evening Outfit Ideas

◼️Black Denim skirt, white silk cami or white cotton singlet, black sandals and black bag (wedges if you’re a heels gal like me) Wear a bold lippy if you’re feeling too plain Jane

◼️White Denim skirt, black silk cami or printed cami, wedges and black bag




How Max and Jack came about...

Ever since I started this blog, I've wanted to share my fertility story. Firstly I want to start by pointing out that I am definitely not a Dr (and if I was, I wouldn't trust this sleep deprived brain anyway!) 

Ryan and I were married in March 2010 and thought we would start trying for kids in 2011. But you know, we didn't want to stress and 'if it happened it happened'. At that stage I was a little naive about the whole process which OMG did I get to understand eventually....but I'll get to that. I had always had stabbing pains in my ovaries and really painful periods so thought I'd better get it checked out, which meant having a laparoscopy. The Dr assumed I had endometriosis and that was confirmed via the laparoscopy. So I had the surgery and it took a full week to recover (that time around) . This meant that essentially I was all 'cleaned out' and ready for the sperm to make it's way up and do it's thing. They also discovered that one of my tubes was twisted so it would be very difficult to get pregnant when ovulating on that side.


Anyway we continued the relaxed approach and then in August 2011 I was at a friend's child's 1st Birthday and felt I was getting my period. I went home that night and said to Ryan it didn't feel right. It felt different and I felt ill but not in a period crampy way. We went and purchased a pregnancy test and it turned out we were pregnant. But I was bleeding. So what did that mean? The advice was to go to Emergency as it was a Sunday. They took some blood tests and said it was highly unlikely the pregnancy was viable. I was so confused and shocked. I guess I also wasn't expecting to be pregnant as we weren't 'fully' trying.....but obviously when you're having unprotected sex it's possible DUH!! 

We were fortunate that the sac just passed naturally and no surgery was required. For the next couple of weeks I felt so strange and sad about it but I knew it was such a common thing - especially early miscarriages like that - most women would have thought it was a late period. We remained positive and just put it down to bad luck. We then went onto have three more early miscarriages which honestly was so tough.....the more we tried, the more we wanted a baby and  each time it happened there was that voice in my head wondering what we would call him or her, or what sex it was etc etc. By that stage we were all over the ovulation kits and sex became something that was purely to impregnate me (to be blunt). By now it was a year and a half of trying (we also had a few breaks for holidays and to take the stress off ourselves). And anyone who has been through this will understand by that stage it's very hard to hear a pregnancy are of course happy for your friend but inside your heart is sinking.

In August 2013 I had another laparoscopy to clear everything out - the Dr said the endometriosis had returned badly - it was a 3 hour surgery. Luckily this time the recovery was short. By now I had switched to a new OB who also specialised in IVF and Fertility. I felt I was in a 'one stop shop' should we need to go down any other avenues. We put a plan in place that we would try for 3 more months after the laparoscopy before considering IVF. 

On boxing day 2013 I swore to myself I would not do another early pregnancy test and just wait for my period......yeah right! I was at our then holiday house in Yallingup and I remember Ryan was outside with my family and I called him in to show him the positive test. We hugged and were excited but scared after already having 4 miscarriages. We called the OB in Melbourne who said we had to come in urgently. We were in Country WA so that wasn't going to happen. He advised us on what to do in the short term and we went in straight away when we returned to Melbourne.

For 12 weeks I injected myself every day with Claxane and inserted Progesterone every night up my you know wasn't easy but it's just what had to be done. I also vomited for 16 weeks and had severe groin pain...pregnancy and me just don't work well together. I missed being able to exercise and envy those who feel amazing throughout their pregnancy!

Jeez looking back it all seems so full on....and at the time it was. I guess I can write all this down because I know there is a happy ending. It has certainly bought up some emotions I have tried to forget.

The body is an incredible thing. Who knows why it took 3 years and 1 month since that first pregnancy in 2011 for Max to enter the world. They don't 100% know. 

Photo 3-09-2014 10 55 24 am.JPG

I'm sharing this story with the intention of it giving other women out there hope who are struggling. Or read this and identify with what I went through. 

As for Jack......he was an accident when we were traveling around Europe. Max was 9 months old. We were on holiday, not stressed and not thinking about it. And believe me, I wanted to punch anyone that told me just to 'keep trying and not stress' BUT IT'S SO TRUE! The body knows when you're stressed. So book that weekend away now and well, the rest I'm not going to spell out for you haha!

Jordie xx

Photo 27-11-2014 9 02 17 am.JPG

Motherhood and me...

As you know, we moved our family overseas and have been away now for 5 months. During this time, I cannot explain how much I have learnt about myself, life, people, relationships but mostly Motherhood and what it means to me. 

You see, I've had a lot of time (surprisingly) to reflect. I think when you're starting again in a new city and you have NO support network you're forced to really think about what your values are and essentially who YOU really are. The early days were tough......getting up in the morning to two challenging spirited boys (staying in one hotel room) and having no play dates lined up or going to the park and not meeting anyone that I felt I clicked with. This forced me to just embrace the boys and work out what kind of Mum I am. And here's what I found out....

I love my boys, honestly I do. I am so grateful for these two little guys who are healthy and thriving, BUT I need time away from them to be a better Mum. I enjoy PARTS of being a Mum and others I just don't enjoy and feel constant guilt about it....i.e. sitting down and playing with them all the time is just not my thing....there, I said it... Does that make me a bad Mum? I feel guilty when I see perfectly manicured images on Instagram with beautiful captions about Motherhood and all I can think about is how rough my kids have been or why the hell did they think it was funny to pull out all the clothes from my drawers whilst I had a 30 second shower? But there are of course so many rewarding times when they're being hilarious or smother me in kisses and tell me they love me. Their little (not so little) personalities are growing every day.


I think the main thing I've realised is that: I am not cut out to be a full-time Mum (I feel guilty writing that). Who are you saints who can stay at home all day every day with your children. I mean it. How do you find the energy and the patience - email me your answers! OR is it that you just genuinely love it? Or is it that it's all relative and you have really chilled, well behaved kids as opposed to two boys VERY close in age who are fighting and wrestling every minute of the day? I know I need to toughen up. The point is that in my opinion there is no wrong or right take on Motherhood and we shouldn't judge because every scenario is different. Honestly I don't think women talk about this enough. 


I've worked out that I'm happiest when I've done ONE thing for myself and for me it means going to the gym or Pilates. If I don't get to do that, I am not a happy Mum. So we sat down and worked out the solution which is that I go early in the morning whilst Ryan hangs with the kids. Honestly, it has made a huge difference. So I guess that's my advice: work out what makes you happy and ready to take on the kids for the day. We have also decided to just spend the money on babysitters which we never did in Melbourne. I have then cut back on buying clothes *sigh* but my sanity is WAY more important. One hour of babysitting for me to get my mental health back in order is the cost of 3 coffees....I will happily drink dishwater instant coffee if it means I can go for a walk and clear my head. If we don't do this.....we burn out....I know because there are days when Ryan walks in the door and I run into our room and lock the door. #truestory


So what's next? The boys started Childcare last week and I have been enjoying the days off. Do I miss them.....a little.....but I have been taking the time to do stuff which is now impossible with them (shopping, cleaning, cooking......and binge watching Netflix of course). I am however REALLY itching to do something else. I'm just not sure what. Maybe the personal shopping? I just worry how I will be able to it all but know that I need to do something for me career wise. So please inbox me with ideas. Obviously being Max's Momenger is high on my list. haha.

TMM xx


Gifts for $100 and under for the gal that has it all

So I don't know about you but each year I am totally stuck as to what to buy for Christmas for the gal that has it all. So I started to think about what cool stuff is out there that maybe you wouldn't buy for yourself but would be 'nice to have'. So here it goes:

Head to Mecca for hundreds of ideas! Who wouldn't love a Dyptyque Candle? I can't justify buying one for myself but hey, if someone wants to buy one for me - yes please! And you honestly can't go wrong with the Mecca Cosmetica Perfect Pair Lip Duo - I received this a couple of years ago and keep it in my hand bag. It will pretty much suit anyone in my opinion. 

Just when we thought the personalisation trend was over - it seems to be growing stronger and stronger.  The Daily Edited have made it easy for you by creating a section for you to shop gifts under $100!   All such cute little gifts that you wouldn't buy yourself. 

I am yet to meet a gal who doesn't love Activewear - let's be honest, just because you're wearing all the gear doesn't mean you've ACTUALLY been working out! So here are a couple of my top picks for under $100. 

I am IN LOVE with this Jaggad Onyx Oversized Tee (hint hint hubby) - who doesn't love a little black and gold. And personally I love that it's not fitted....perfect for the post holiday bloat. 

Or what about this cute little Adidas Number for $39? Can't go wrong really can you?

So keeping within the theme of sharing items that a gal wouldn't buy for herself; here are a few little gimicky pieces which I would personally love - useful and a little kitsch, you're welcome!

This awesome Jewelry roll - yes please! And only $40

I'm obsessed with this Baggu bag set! Who wouldn't love this? 

OMG I am in LOVE with this Wallace Tray Set! Only a few left so hurry!

Treat your gal pal/sister to some new undies....because who doesn't need to throw away all 'those undies' in their drawer? Am I rightttt?

Let's talk accessories.....I am LOVING statement earrings. Perfect little stocking filler if you ask me. My go to is Clover Accessories from my hometown Perth. Put aside at least an hour to go through her website

Love me a logo tote - good for anything at anytime really. Gym, beach, weekend away etc etc

And it wouldn't be Christmas without the standard CR Towel would it? LOVE this one!

Guys seriously at the end of the day......anyone will love a good cookbook or coffee table book! What about these as a starting point? I LOVE the Slim Aaron's book personally (just in case someone is reading


Hopefully I've given you a few little ideas to get your imagination going! Happy Shopping xx

New York, New York...

Having been to NYC 5 times already pre-kids  (yep, I'm a huge fan) I was apprehensive about how I would enjoy it with kids given the other times involved partying, dining and shopping, which let's be honest don't mix well with kids! It's a city which has huge sentimental value to me as Ryan proposed there in 2008....bless.

So off we set on the 5 hour flight packed in like sardines for our NYC vacay with Jack and Max. We survived the flight (ipads, snacks etc) and high tailed it to our West Village apartment which was in the best location. A quick spruce up and slice of Pizza (the first of many to be consumed) from across the road and we were ready to head out for the night. 

The following 5 days were filled with lots of cafes and restaurant experiences which I will detail below and A LOT of walking. We opted to walk most places as we are big walkers and it was boiling hot so the Subway did not appeal (also, I was happy to walk off the Mac n Cheese and Pizza situation). So if you're a walker like us (some days we clocked up to 22,000 steps) pack some comfy shoes. The other thing to mention is that we took our Bugaboo with skateboard attachment - we couldn't believe how lucky we were that the boys were happy to go ALL day in it (with a few park and snack pit-stops which I will detail below). I think if your kids are a bit older, Ubers or the Subway are great in NYC. 


TIP: to avoid arguments with husbands/wives/partners have a plan each day. NYC is so overwhelming so it's good to get up in the morning and plan out which sights you want to see, what parks you can stop at with the kids, what restaurants you want to eat at etc. We did this each day and we would also take the boys back to the apartment to play with their Lego and have some down time. Worked a treat!

Ryan and I had a few kid-free nights. The boys can generally stay up until 8.30/9 but in NYC that's when the party is beginning! So we sourced some great babysitters (happy to share details) and we were able to enjoy a meal without screaming and food being thrown everywhere. 

Personally I found NYC to be about 70% accommodating to kids. By this, I mean that most people were pretty happy to move out of the way for the pram or find us a table with a high chair and the rest were way on the other end of the spectrum and pissed off we existed. You win some, you lose some! 

So here are the deets on where we stayed, ate and played (I wish I could say shopped but that just didn't happen).

Where to stay

Personally I have always loved the West Village but the great thing about NYC is that the transport and taxi/Uber system is so easy. What is amazing about the West Village is that you can walk to so many amazing cafes and restaurants and also it is nowhere near as touristy as Mid-town and Times Square. BUT if it's your first time to NYC I would opt to stay half in mid-town as it's close to all the tourist attractions, department stores and Central Park. Then if you can be bothered I would stay in the West Village to experience all the cute little streets around there (Christopher, Perry etc) We stayed in a two bedroom Airbnb and it was perfect for the 5 days but just a bit on the noisy side.

Where we dined

Brunch and coffee: 

Jack's Wife Freda - such a cute little spot on Carmine Street in the West Village - defo kid friendly (high chair avail). Food was pretty good - a bit cold but people were shocked when I told them that. I would go again.

Jack's - this is a cute little coffee joint. They have a few locations. The coffee was delish.

Bluestone Lane Cafe - These guys are taking over NYC. Started by Ozzies, the coffee is great and the menu looked delish too. Defo kid friendly.

Banter - Another little cafe started by Ozzies in the West Village. This place had a great happy hour from 3-6pm so we had a cheeky Aperol there and went back for awesome Nutella french toast the next morning. The staff are all super friendly and super accommodating with kids. Like most places in NYC, we needed to park the stroller out the front. 

The Bus Stop Cafe - not a fancy joint but totally good for some quick pancakes and eggs for the kids. It's opposite the Bleecker street park so a good combo.


Red Farm (West Village)- this place was YUMMO. Great vibe and the food was Asian Fusion. We went and put our names down at 7.30 and were seated by 8.45 which we were happy with for a Saturday night. The lamb dumplings were life changing. 

Emmett's - we went here on our last night. They specialise in Chicago deep dish pizza. It did not disappoint. West Village again.

La Esquina - this place is an institution. We drank Margarita's at the bar - if they tell you it's full, just ask to sit at the bar. Such a fun vibe. Not one for the kids in my opinion. We have eaten there before and the food was amazing. 

Raoul's - This little West Village french bistro was super fun and the food was amazing. We drank at the bar (surprise) until a table became available at 10.30pm (thanks babysitter). A great date night option. Not one for the kids. 

Otto - I was sad we didn't make it here but have been told that it's super kid-friendly and they do yum pizzas and pastas without paying top dollar.


Kid Stuff

Our kids are still fairly young (1.5 and 3) so we didn't do as much kid stuff as we thought we would. We certainly played at parks and playgrounds but we didn't take them to any toy shops, carousel's etc. Some parks I recommend:

Pier 51 Park - wow, this is right on the Hudson looking out to Jersey. It has a water fountain for the kids to run around in (obvs only good for summer). But it's gated and safe. We did a solid two hours here. We then walked through to the Meatpacking district and through the Chelsea Markets for a cheeky thick shake. A great little morning for the kids.

Union Square Park - awesome park which has two different sections for younger and older kids. It was quite busy when we were there so you need to keep a stern eye on them (more than usual).

Washington Square Park - definitely worth a look! A gated playground so the kids can run a little wild and wear themselves out.

Minetta Green - this is another cute little spot - they had places to eat and sit down and it's right in the heart of lower Manhattan. Not too hectic either. 

Hoboken - if you're done with the hustle and bustle of Manhattan we really enjoyed taking the Path train to Jersey (Hoboken) for the day. It has some great cafes and the houses are gorgeous. But the view of Manhattan is incredible and the park is awesome (brand new). We did struggle a bit getting onto the Path train as we had to lift the Bugaboo over the turnstile. 

Central Park - where do I begin? Go for half a day! Stop at one of the amazing deli's and load up on picnic food and wander through this incredible park. We entered at the Rockefeller end of the park and found a great playground about a 5 minute walk in. The Zoo is also there and worth a look as well as a Carousel. If you're without the kids or they can swim, hire a row boat - we did that a few years ago and it was magical.


That's all folks. NYC can defo be done with kids but you just need to be a little prepared both mentally and physically.....I'm already planning our next trip.

TMM xx

How to do Bali - with or without kids!

OK, so I promised this a long time ago but you know....things have been a bit cray lately. A couple of months ago we (our family) had a 7 day holiday in Bali. Now let me tell you.....Bali is the ULTIMATE holiday - it ticks all the boxes i.e. amazing food, lovely people, incredible nannies, luxurious accommodation AND it's right at our doorstep. There are a few things to be aware of before you book that ticket, and I'll get to that. 

I did SO much research for this trip. I didn't want to make any quick decisions on the accommodation and wanted to make sure that it was kid friendly. No point rocking up to an incredible hotel with my two noisy crazies, only to feel unwelcome! 

In the end I booked Peppers Resort in Seminyak for 4 nights and opted for a 2 bedroom villa with private pool (we arranged for the pool to have a fence around it - V IMPORTANT!). What I loved about this option is that we could really spread out - they had a huge kitchen and living room as well as each room having a bathroom (not that we needed that). It was the perfect way to start the holiday and work up a good base tan before facing the public. The communal pool area was stunning and had a full restaurant on offer. The day we arrived they started a kids club (woohoo) which was a small area near the pool (fully gated) filled with toys and lovely staff from the hotel. So picture this: you are sitting pool side with a cocktail and 20 metres away your little ones are being looked after (no charge!). Heaven.


Overall I would highly recommend Peppers Seminyak - no negatives at all really. One tiny thing is that there are ponds near the entrance and Jack ran over to it and fell in. So maybe you could put up a fence there too. 

Because I am SO indecisive I wanted to stay at The Alila in Seminyak too. Lucky for us and all our luggage it was only down the road and the lovely staff from Peppers took us via buggy. We loved being able to experience a plush hotel with an amazing view. Of course the only tricky thing is that you are all in the one room. There was enough space and my BIG TIP: book the ground floor garden view room - it opens out onto a grass area so the kids can run around and the pool is about 20metres away (image below). That was a serious game changer as we could have Nancy (our INCREDIBLE nanny who didn't want to move away with us) look after Jack in the room or take Max for a walk and Jack could sleep whilst we were at the pool. Another HOT TIP: kids eat free (if under 4)!! So every day we would order up big at the pool around 5pm and the boys would be done. Our Angel/Nanny Nancy would then help us with bath etc and then Ryan and I would head out for dinner.


I mean what else do you want in a holiday? 

Here are some of my top Restaurant/Bar tips:

La Plancha - this one is good for the kids as they can play on the beach. We took Nancy along with us so we could kind of relax given our boys literally run in different directions and I thought it would be nice to finish a conversation with Ryan haha.Amazing cocktails and sunset!

Sisterfields will change your life. The coffee is amazing but do yourself a favour and order the Polenta chips. They also do the most amazing salads. So chips and salad = #balance Open all day. YUM.

Motel Mexicola - you could take the kids but seriously treat yourself and go for a fun night out. The Margaritas and fish tacos are delish.

Da Maria - these guys know what they're doing. The BEST Italian in Bali. After 9pm the DJ comes on and it turns into a fun party scene. Highly recommend the pizza!!

Ku de Ta - it's an institution but it's still great in my opinion. The kids can run around and you can watch the sunset....again, we took Nancy with us so we could take in the sunset for at least 1 split second.

Sarong - another institution. OMG the pork belly was next level. I would fly back just for that. Not one for the kids. It's very quiet and romantic.

Bar Bacoa - meat fest!! It was delicious and a great vibe. You probably could take your little people here as it's quite loud and chilled.

I think if you're looking for an all day party: Mrs Sippy looked like a great time. Probably one you would do in a big group.  For coffee: try Revolver - the menu looked amazing too.

Kiddie tips: take water nappies! Obviously don't drink the water and try and stop the kids from drinking the pool water! Pack mosquito spray as dengue is prevalent. There are heaps of pharmacies over there so don't stress too much. Don't forget to get travel insurance in case you do need to see a GP. The Pool Fence is a must. Take some kiddie snacks as there wasn't much over there - even though the kids lived on Fries (which was dangerous for me haha!)

Hope you've found this a little helpful and feel free to email me if you have any specific questions. 

TMM xx

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Ku De Ta at Sunset

How to prepare for travelling with kids!

I've talked about this topic time and time again so I feel it's about time I shared my tips on what to pack and prepare for before flying with kids.

We recently arrived in San Diego which is a 14.5 hour flight to LA followed by a 2 hour drive. To say I was anxious about the trip is an understatement. I wanted to make sure I was fully prepared for the tantrums and boredom we would endure. Not to mention the boys were both sick (which I’m sure you’re probably also experiencing through the seemingly endless cycle of winter colds and flu)

So here's what I packed ( WARNING - so much imperfect parenting going on here):


1.   iPad - I loaded it with episodes of Blaze and the Monster Machines for Max and the Little Baby Bum app full of nursery rhymes for Jack. Worth every cent.

2.   Children’s Panadol: both boys were sick with colds and fevers right before the flight (we weren’t sure if we should go or not!) There was no way I was going to be caught without Children's Panadol, the one thing I know I could get right - lucky I packed it as Max vomited all over me (see next point)

3.   Extra clothes for me and the boys - lucky given the vomit incident. I also packed their PJ's but we didn't need them in the end. This is also ideal for any cancelations of flights or lost baggage.

4.  Wrapped up presents - I went to a cheapy shop and went to town on buying toys that I could give them when all hell broke loose. They loved this. 

5.   Crayons/pencils - this may only get me 2 minutes but I'll take that. We also bought heaps of sticker books which they loved for around 30 seconds.

6.   Snacks Snacks and more Snacks - you name it, I packed it! Lollies, chocolates, tiny teddies and Kinder Surprises (double goodness as they have to toy too)…..parent of the year over here.

7.   Kids Headphones - omg these were a game changer. Max loved the ones I purchased from Smiggle - there's no way he would have watched the iPad for that long with normal earphones

8.   Before I left I filmed stuff on my iPhone of the boys - they love watching themselves on my phone- this buys me about 10 minutes (again, I'll take that!)

So there you have my list of tips- I hope they come in handy for your next trip. Essentially an overnight flight is what everyone should try and do but for us it wasn't available. Full on and let’s just say there were a few looks here and there by judgy judgy parents as my #imperfectparenting was on fleek.

Jordie x

The Modern Minimalist x Children’s Panadol Baby Brunch

Recently I was lucky to MC at the Children’s Panadol Baby Brunch in Sydney. 45 mums turned up to the stunning Grounds of Alexandria with their babes in arms, eager to hear from the extremely knowledgeable (over 35 years’ experience!) Dr Howard Chilton talk through some of the key conditions of pain and fever in children and how we can best manage them.  We (Dr Chilton and I) also discussed what it means to be an imperfect parent (fave topic!)

I must say I thought after having been through a lot of pain and fever with my boys Jack and Max, I was pretty certain I knew everything when it came to managing this subject… I was wrong! I learnt a lot and Dr Chilton is not only an expert but he is so inspiring and captivating when he speaks. The whole room was listening to his every word and remarkably the babies all behaved (what are the chances!) it must have been his soothing, delightfully British voice. You can check out the full presentation here.

I sat down with Dr Chilton for 5 minutes after brunch to re-cap some of his points, and to ask a few of my own questions.

In his presentation, he spoke to us about immunisation, teething, cold and flu and ‘good enough’ parenting. I was keen to re-visit these subjects.

Cold and Flu

J: Well this is something I am familiar with! My boys have a revolving door of snot at the moment. One gets better and then the other gets sick and gives it back to him.

DHC: When your child has a cold you can try saline drops, give them plenty of fluids, get them to inhale steam from the shower and if they still seem in distress, then you should consider giving them pain relief medication such as paracetamol.

J: That’s really useful information. What about the flu symptoms, how are they different?

DHC: Flu like symptoms are more severe - fever, shaking chills, aches and pains, lethargy and headaches. You would need to take their temperature and make sure they are suitably clothed. If they are hot, then make sure you peel off a layer of clothing so they are comfortable – don’t over wrap them. You would consider giving paracetamol with flu like symptoms, to bring down their fever and relieve pain.


J: Wow, well this topic shocked me. I was certain my boys were whinging due to teething. You mentioned we all teeth from the age of 6 months to 18 years old (interesting!) and that teething generally only causes teeth and nothing else.

DHC: Yes, there was a large study in the US[KNB1]  which showed that at most, a day of ‘mild discomfort’ may occur but it doesn’t cause fever, rashes or diarrhoea, those symptoms are actually caused by  viruses.

J: I suppose the boys did always seem to have a cold at the time and I hadn’t connected the two – I straight away blamed the runny nose on teething but it was probably a virus!

DHC: That’s right, it could’ve been. You can also help manage teething by rubbing your baby’s gums or by using a teething ring. Of course, if you think your baby is in pain, consider giving them paracetamol.


J: You mentioned that babies and children don’t always require pain relief after their immunisations. I found this really fascinating as I always give my children Children’s Panadol after their immunisations. Can you tell me more about that please?

DHC: The routine use of paracetamol[KNB2]  before or at the time of immunisation is not recommended for all routine immunisation. The majority of issues believed to be related to immunisation are actually not due to the vaccine itself – it’s usually coincidence. Since most of the vaccinations a child receives is in the first year of life, they can coincide with many other health related events which can cause pain and fever.

If you are concerned about possible immunisation side effects, speak with your family doctor or pharmacist regarding the use of paracetamol.

Good Enough Parenting/Imperfect Parenting

J: I really enjoyed hearing you speak about ‘good enough’ parenting. This is something I am really proud to talk about on my Instagram and give mums comfort in knowing it’s ok not to be perfect. So, I guess there is a lot of added weight to the subject coming from you – a professional and expert in the field!

DHC: Yes, you should definitely read what Donald Winnicott has to say about the concept of a ‘good enough mother’.  He wanted to help people be ‘good enough’ parents and the reason being is that babies who are brought up by robot mothers, who always get it right and anticipate the baby’s every need, never gives the baby the opportunity to learn the abilities to re-connect with his mother when she gets it wrong.

J: Well that is reassuring as I am definitely far from perfect in my approach to parenting… it’s too unrealistic. Do you have any examples of how you were a ‘good enough’ parent?

DHC: I was far from a perfect parent when my two girls were growing up. I was working very long hours with babies in my newborn intensive care unit but I had an amazing wife – she’s the best. She is one of those mums and now a Grandmother who is present and in the moment. This is extremely important for children. Put down those smartphones and practice conscious presence!

J: (I was teary at this point and was taking in that advice!!) I am so guilty of being on my phone and will make an effort to put it down and be more present…. Advice I’m sure we could all follow!


 [KNB1]Hyperlink to

 [KNB2]Hyperlink to


Jeanswest Musthaves

I grew up wearing Jeanswest and recently rediscovered my love for them (actually I lived in their amazing maternity jeans but that's another story!) Their jeans are honestly SO comfortable and fit extremely well. But Jeanswest don't ONLY do Jeans, they also produce some great knitwear. Let me show you my top personal faves.

I opted for the Skinny 7/8 styles as I find them most flattering for my bodyshape. I love that you can wear a sneaker with them or pair them with a pump for a dressier look. The 7/8 length means there are no awkward bunches at the bottom too - which I love.

This distressed pair of Romini Skinny 7/8 Jeans are firm in all the right places. I'm wearing them with this stunning off-the-shoulder black knit which feels beautiful.


This look is more casual featuring a lighter pair of 7/8 Jeans worn with this Courtney Cable Pullover and a pair of sneakers. You could definitely change the shoes up for a pair of camel/nude ankle boots too.

IMG_4316 (1).jpg

I'm loving this gorgeous Lina Printed Flute Sleeve top with these Cecile Dove Grey 7/8 Jeans. You could totally add a leather biker for an edgier look if you want. I am a huge fan of the colour of these jeans - they would look great with my staple tees (black, white and grey) and a pair of black ankle boots. 

So there you have my must haves - be sure to check out your nearest Jeanswest - their super helpful sales assistants can help you find a pair of jeans that flatter your body shape - they have so many styles to choose from!!

Jordie xx

TMM x Westfield Knox

I'm so excited to finally announce that I have collaborated with Westfield Knox to present to you this year's Autumn/Winter trends. We had heaps of fun working on this and I can't wait to share more images with you. Below is a sneak peek of one of the shots we took - for more images and to read the full blog post 'Weekday to Weekend' head to

We are also giving two lucky people the opportunity to win a 2 hour styling session with me. A Personal Stylist isn’t just for the celebrities, you too can enjoy the star treatment! You will also be awarded with a $250 Westfield Gift Card for you and a friend to spend on your new wardrobe. Do you have a friend, mother or daughter that would love a new wardrobe? Perfect for a Mother’s Day surprise or just a fun day out with a girlfriend.  

To enter, follow Westfield Knox @WestfieldKnox on Instagram, like the competition post and tag a friend.

T&C’s apply – Promotion commence Friday 21st April 9am and closes 5th May, 12pm. Prize is not transferable, if the winner is unable to attend the Personal Style Session before 05/08/17, the prize will be redrawn. Visit Westfield Knox for full terms and conditions.





Big W Big Baby Sale

Run don’t walk because Big W is having a Baby Week Sale from Feb 2nd -15th. I have personally been a fan of ‘Big Dub’s’ baby and toddler’s range for ages. I find the quality and prices to be a standout. I remember buying Jack the cutest little Dymples onesies with pandas all over them and people would stop me in the street to say how cute they were. Max is still getting about in some cool navy cino shorts we paid $4 for (come on, that’s a cost of a coffee!).

The Baby Week sale will also coincide with the launch of their new Emerson Baby Wear range which is exclusive to Big W and includes heaps of new looks with cute little graphics inspired by current trends from the runway! The new Kardashian Kids collection will also be released….hello exciting (personal Kardashian obsession over here). I for one am excited to have more options for the boys as I really struggle finding new boy clothes that I love – that’s a whole other conversation.

I was lucky enough to be sent some of the bedding range and some Dymples baby accessories. I am loving the quality and how cute and fun the products are. Jack suitably has his cot decked out in lightning bolts (the kid is as fast as a lightning bolt #mumjoke) Usually I am all about neutrals (boring for kids!) but these graphics are cool and Max was so excited to jump into bed – yep, I’ll take that buddy.

On a side note: I am one of those women who shop up big at these things and like to fill up the present box (total mum thing to do) - there is nothing more smug than having the perfect present ready to go when someone’s birthday rolls around (even better when you have all the wrapping to go with it #lifetogethermoment)- I think these gorgeous Dymples Blankets are perfect for the present box. They’re not only soft but they’re available in cool prints (clearly I love the blue and white striped #stripeaddiction). I find them great for the pram for those chilly mornings or for in the cot.

There you have it- happy shopping guys! You won’t be disappointed. #BIGW #livebigforless #bigwbaby


Marks & Spencer have arrived!

The husbo and I did a 4 year stint in London town and basically lived at M&S, so when I heard that they were coming to Oz, I was pretty pumped!

As you guys know, I love finding new kid's brands and (obvs) in particularly boys' clothing. With Max's second birthday looming, I really wanted to find him a classic outfit - I hope you like what I chose!

Max wears: Pure Cotton Canvas Trousers, Pure Cotton Oxford Shirt and Kid's Suede Ankle Boots.

Can we have a moment for the boots which are real leather and down to $13!


It would be rude of me not to choose something for myself with the brief being: flattering and classic. I found this long lined Oversized Checked Shirt paired with these ultra flattering skinny black jeans which I have not taken off! And how cute does Max look in this Car Print Sweatshirt and those amazing suede boots which you need to buy asap!

I was also really impressed with their maternity range (no don't get any ideas!!) but tell your preggo gal pals! The baby range is amazing too and so affordable - Jack totally cleaned up with these Short Sleeve Bodysuits (7 for $20!! ridic!).

Love love love you M&S - welcome to Oz! xxxx

Collaboration Supported by Marks & Spencer and Shoppinglinks


The Sound of Music - a must see!

Last Thursday night I dusted off some ‘dressy’ attire and attended the opening night of my all-time favourite Musical The Sound of Music at The Regent Theatre in Melbourne.  To refresh my memory (any excuse) I re-watched the movie for the 999th time so I could sing along (in my head).

I had heard amazing things about the lavish production that had toured London so was super excited when I was asked to attend….and it didn’t disappoint.

For anyone who has lived under a rock, the story (a true one!), follows the Von Trapp Family in Austria during the 1930’s and a young wannabe Nun Maria, played by Amy Lehpamer, who is appointed as their governess. The Captain/Father, who is a widow (played by heartthrob and multi-talented Cameron Daddo) runs a tight ship (no pun intended).  When Maria arrives she is set to shake things up and have some fun with his 7 children through her love for music and vivaciousness. The children are at first a little cold and unwelcoming but eventually grow to love Maria as she teaches them how to sing and have fun again.  Eventually a love between Maria and The Captain blossoms and they are married. When Germany is set to take over Austria and The Captain is forced to fight against his own country, which he has no desire to do, the family flee to the mountains to escape the war singing Climb Every Mountain along the way (pictured below). The End.

I thought the set was perfectly executed and seamlessly changed from scene to scene. My personal favourite was the bedroom set (pictured below) where the children all run into Maria’s room when they are scared by the storm and to divert their fear she teaches them the ‘Favourite Things’ song. Loved it! If you have little ones, they are sure to enjoy this one. My sister had to nudge me to stop singing (awks!). Plus I always loved as a kid how she made them all outfits from the curtains….I so wanted a pinafore dress like Liesel.

The memorable Rodgers and Hammerstein score was performed perfectly! They included all the faves i.e. Do-Re-Mi, Climb Every Mountain, Sixteen Going on Seventeen - to name a few. I think my personal favourite was Sixteen Going on Seventeen (pictured below) as it was my favourite scene in the movie when I was younger. I always wanted to be Liesl and loved the little kiss that Rolf gives her at the end of the song.  Liesl’s voice (performed by Stefanie Jones)  was seriously beautiful, in fact I thought vocally she was a standout in the show alongside Maria (Amy Lehpamer) and head nun Mother Abbess played by Jacqui Dark.

As for the cast, they all performed flawlessly! I personally loved seeing Cameron Daddo in action (huge fan) and it always fascinates me when children professionally act so well….it gets me wondering how they have the attention span, confidence and stamina to go on week after week to perform so well.  As expected Marina Prior plays her role as Baroness Schraeder superbly.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the performance (it was so good to have a night off from the kids!) and highly recommend you see it, even if you haven’t seen the original, it’s a great night out at Melbourne’s stunning Regent Theatre or an ideal family outing on a Sunday when the show starts at Midday. They have a variety of times that the show plays –for further information on times and to purchase your tickets click here.

Brought to you by Nuffnang and ‘The Sound of Music




Double Prams in my (humble) opinion!

If you’re anything like me, one of the first things I thought about when I found out I was pregnant (besides being shocked) with number 2 was ‘oh my god, I am going to be pushing a double pram’. I know it sounds silly but it kind of freaked me out. Before purchasing my double pram I visited different stores and tested several double prams.

For me the clear winner is the Bugaboo Donkey – here’s why!

·  Easy to convert to a single - personally my son will be in child care twice a week so it means I can convert it within seconds to a single and use the shopping basket to get the groceries #mumlyfe

·  Easy to push with one hand in case you have your hands full with the other child (very important!)

·  Aesthetically it is the most appealing Pram on the eye and you have the option of playing around with different colour hoods and aprons - win win!

·  Great re-sale value

·  Great storage underneath (unlike other double prams which lose this function when it is converted to a double)

·  The Skateboard attachment is super sturdy for when baby number 1 decides he/she is too big for the pram 

·  Easy to collapse and put in the car!

·  Amazing accessories - my personal fave is the coffee cup holder which is basically full at all times when dealing with sleep deprivation :)

·  Fits through a standard door 

·  Can face both seats towards you so can look at your babies when walking out and about

Other prams I tested were the: Joolz Geo, Mountain Buggy Duet, Stokke Cruiser and the City Select. Here’s my two cents worth on them!

Joolz Geo


·         It’s a good looking pram

Unfortunately it stops there. I really wanted to love this pram but even the sales assistant said she wouldn’t sell it to me. I think if you wanted it as a single pram and you used the underneath part for storage, then this could be a good option.


·         No storage at all when there are two seats being used. There is a shopping basket attachment but it’s just not enough if you like to get out and about like me and do a decent shop without getting in the car

·         The bassinet for the baby is tiny and tucked underneath in an awkward position

·         The price – this one is over the 2k mark, which for a pram with no storage is crazy

Mountain Buggy Duet


·         The width of the pram is narrow and therefore a safe bet for getting through doorways – this does however mean that the seats themselves are narrow which I personally didn’t like, in particularly when looking at the bassinet.  

·         The seats recline all the way back/flat

·         Durable and easy wipe down fabric


·         I had been warned about the Tyres and the need to constantly have them replaced or pumped up

·         Very heavy

·         Can’t face both seats towards you when walking

·         The bassinet is tiny and in my opinion would probably only last a few months

Stokke Crusi


·         Great height for those of you who are ‘5 10’ and above

·         The height is ideal for cafes/sitting at tables as the baby will be seated at the same height as you at the table

·         Good storage as a single (not as a double)


·         Takes up a lot of boot space

·         The price

·         The second seat is not ideal for a newborn so you would need to have the toddler underneath (I know Maxxy would not like this!)

·         Once you have the second seat in, you lose most of the storage

City Mini GT Double


·         Folds easily

·         The seats lay flat – great if your baby likes to sleep in the pram

·         Large hoods i.e. great shade


·         The look of it….sorry but I am not a fan of how this pram looks. Yes, I get that the fabric is machine washable but to me it’s not aesthetically pleasing on the eye…

·         There are some issues with the wheels and constantly needing to replace them (this was based on a discussion I had with a retailer)

·         The storage is difficult to access

·         The price does not include accessories




Gift Ideas for Newbies

So your friend is about to have a baby or they've had the baby and you want to buy something that isn't a bunny rug (don't get me wrong, bunny rugs are awesome!). Here are some ideas for you from 'my best friend is having a baby' to  'the girl I sit next to at work is having a baby'. xx

This is my go to for my bestie's babies - The Georg Jensen Money Box Elephant  It's a little bit on the pricey side so you may want to go halves with someone but it's something they will have forever! #timeless

My best friend gave me this Wedgwood London Bear Music Box beauty and it would settle Max down when he was crying - to this day (at 16 months) he stops screaming when I am changing his nappy once the music starts. 

Someone gave this Purebaby Hospital Pack to me and I loved it. It's a one stop pack of the little outfit items they need when they come out of the oven.

These milestone cards are such a cute idea - I wish I had used them! Great present for anyone and only around $24.95 

How cool are these personalised timber boxes by Malime. They range from $60-$135

These Converse socks are next level cute - am I right? And a bargain at $20 :)

Baby Bags without Being a Dag

I thought I would put together a little list of baby bags which I think are cool yet functional. I'm not sure if you've seen some of the hideous options out there but personally I don't think you need to buy an actual 'baby bag' to chuck your nappies, wipes, wraps and clothes in. You can totally just buy a great tote/shopper style bag and put compartments inside if need be.

My top pick is the State of Escape bag ($299) for it's durability and the fact that you can throw it in the wash when it needs the poo and spew cleaned off it :)  It also comes in a carry case which is perfect to put your nappies, wipes and creams in.


If you're flash for cash the good old LV Neverfull (around $1600 but think about it as an investment piece!)is also great for it's size and look. It will be a timeless piece that you can keep and use post baby life.

As for an official baby bag: the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag is a winner (around $400). I had this for Max and loved all the pockets as well as the durable fabric it's made from. It also hangs perfectly on the pram with the help of the Think King Buggy Hooks (please tell me you know about these?!).